About Us

About Us

Zapco Aquaculture is the first company to have commercially developed the floating bag and tumbler system. As growers, we know and understand how important it is to have gear that will last many years. 

By working closely with the oyster growing community and Industry over the past 15 years we have worked out what works and what doesn’t work  in this changing environment. 

Zapco Aquaculture aims to be the most innovative company in the oyster industry today. We are continually developing and improving new products manufactured using the most advanced materials and processes. We fully test every product  by placing them under extremely tough testing conditions and procedures to make sure all the gear is up to the highest standards so that it will last 10 to 15 years or longer in conditions ranging from -40 up to 70 degrees celcius  

Zapco Aquaculture has learned from years of experience to create durable and effective gear which enables you to have the best equipment on the market at a very competitive price. 

Zapco Aquaculture also backs its products 100% all the way and offers a professional advice service to all its customers on oyster farming practices.