Oyster Gardening Maintenance

Oyster Gardening Maintenance

Oysters require water flow to survive and grow.  Routine maintenance of your equipment will help to prevent and control fouling, which will allow the oysters to grow quicker.

Take a few simple actions during the warmer months to keep the mesh open and free of fouling organisms.  

Shake: To discourage growth of barnacles and algae, clean once every few weeks by simply pulling the bag or tumbler up and down in the water several times.

Rattle: If the bag or tumbler becomes fouled, brush the mesh to remove build up and rinse with a hose. To remove excessive fouling, oysters in bags can be removed from the water in warm weather for up to 2 hours. Fouling organisms will dry out and die and can be brushed from the bars more easily. (Caution: 3 hours of heat or sun exposure may kill the oysters).

Roll: Gently redistribute the oysters after cleaning to prevent oysters from growing shell around the mesh of the cage. 

Flip: If you are using our floating bags, they can be flipped with the floats on the water.  The oysters are then exposed to the sun and any foul will be killed by the sun.  After a few hours, flip the cages back so that the oysters are submerged again under the water.

Another option is power washing bags and tumblers which combines the use of water and high pressure. The combination of the pressure and fresh water effectively kills and/or removes the fouling organisms from our tumblers and floating grow bags.